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38 and .22 semi-automatic pistols in order to make them look like they have been robbed by the real bad guys. The first five chapters, set in Manhattan, Chicago, Toronto, and a Mediterranean resort town, are all plotted out with the aid of charts, but the remaining chapters (set in both Italy and Paris) are not. The novel describes the thugs' activities over six days, ending with the bank robbery in Rome. Plot summary Part 1 The day begins in Manhattan with the robbers entering the home of Susan Hillenmeyer, an art history professor and the wife of Joe Cabot, the crime boss who hired them. While they are there, they play a board game and drink a bottle of wine. The story is told from the point of view of one of the five, who tells it to another of the five, who tells it to a third, and so on. The gang has strict orders to kill Susan and her husband, Doug, and their housekeeper, Irene, as soon as they arrive home from a business trip to Chicago. As they do so, they discover the vulnerability of their disguise—the guns in their pockets seem to be too large for their bodies, and each thug displays a peculiar gait—and the American police arrive and arrest them. The thugs are brought to the police station, where they are interrogated by Sgt. William "Weasels" Fenton. In Chicago, a drug dealer who is on the run from Colombian drug lords hires the gang to rob the town's exclusive Harrods Diamond Corporation branch. After the heist, the thugs leave Chicago with two sacks of diamonds and drugs that were supposed to have been delivered to the Colombian cartel. They sell the cocaine at a drug store, where they get arrested. The five thugs are led to the police station, where they are offered the chance to trade the names of the other four for their own. The thugs, however, agree to let the police trace them, just to save time, and go to jail for the duration of their respective sentences. In Toronto, the police are called to the apartment of a man who has been stabbed. As they investigate, they realize that the man was stabbed by a murderer who had been in the apartment earlier and had stolen a diamond from him. The police arrest the killer, who is an acquaintance of one of the thugs. The thugs' fifth



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Reservoir Dogs1992BluRay720px264YIFYmp4 sabrland

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