Janice Liou Yoga

About Janice Liou (700hr+ YTT certified)

Janice strongly believes that the physical practice of asana translates into practices of mental and emotional wellbeing - that self empowerment can be found through a dynamic synchronicity between breath, body, and mind.

As a teacher, her goal is to facilitate the students' mind-body connection through breath and mindful movement, providing space for students to explore the inner-self on a deeper level.  Her creative sequencing is designed to empower students - showing them that there is more to discover within themselves.

Classes are Vinyasa (flow) based with influences from Ashtanga, Hatha, Dharma, Yin yoga, as well as various other yoga methods.

She specializes in: providing hands-on assists, private sessions for students with previous injuries/concerns, flexibility training, and inversions/strength conditioning.



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My Personal Yoga Journey

My reasons for walking into my first yoga class back in 2007 were primarily for physical reasons.  Upon taking my first class, I found myself confused by all the loud breathing, and flustered from holding Warrior II (a lunge position with arms T’d out), never mind all the people I thought were human pretzels when they easily folded over their thighs in paschimotonasana - seated hands-to-toes forward fold (back then my goals of flexibility were to just touch my toes).  I walked out thinking, “Well, I’m definitely not going back.”  Luckily (or what I thought back then to be unfortunately) I had signed up for a one week unlimited period, and had a friend who urged me to give it another shot.  My mind was mostly unchanged until about halfway through the class when the instructor provided an assist (for paschimotonasana) to fold me deeper.  It was the first time I felt a sort of muscular release, tension that I had not even known I was holding.  That was all it took for me to be curious and to want to explore more.

For me (and I would argue, most practitioners of yoga), it’s much more than just the performance of poses; it’s what happens within the pose.  It’s the experience of transcendence, empowerment, and discovery that makes the practice of yoga so unique in the world of fitness.  You might wonder "how can yoga lead you to transcendence, empowerment, and discovery" – well, there are a few different ways it happens; one of which is when a pose you once thought to be physically impossible all of a sudden becomes possible.  It's a moment of pure elation and surprise – empowerment – when you realized that possibility existed within you all along.  Couple that with the myriad of physical benefits (strength, flexibility, and balance) it really is a practice that can create for change – in perspective (mental), happiness (emotional), and health (physical).  

No matter if you are a new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, it is not only my mission, but also my passion to act as a guide towards your continual deepening of inner awareness and empowerment.  Especially if you are new, I invite you to join me for class to experience the transformation that occurs – a shift from physical aspirations to higher aspirations of living a happier, healthier, empowered life.  

Yoga has given me SO much light and life, it's what I hope I can share with others.

Janice Liou