We offer 3 main packages for our semi-private on-site group yoga sessions: 
Group Events



Imagine waking up at 6am or coming home from a long day of work, I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do is lace up my sneakers, pack my gym bag, and get back into my car just to drive and find parking at the gym or studio.  At least for me, one of the largest hinderances in 'making it to the gym', is making it to the gym!  With on-site residential yoga, I eliminate this dilemma for you.  Just picture it - a studio located right in your building or community club house!  It is the perfect way to destress from a long day or to awaken your senses in the morning.  Not to mention, it's side-by-side with your fellow residents (say hello to community bonding!).  If you live in a high-rise or have a community club house, contact directly for more information!   


Minimum participants of 5 persons 

Discount pricing available with purchase of package or 5+ recurrent sessions


You've probably heard it over and over again, "health and wellness in a corporate setting improves employees' productivity, efficiency, and innovative initiative" – never mind the various published studies on the benefits of exercise/sleep/meditation on office productivity (which I've linked here for your leisurely reading), consider yourself - reminisce back to the time where you've stared at one project for hours, days, even weeks, only to finally give it rest (perhaps by grabbing dinner, having a spa day, or perhaps by just exercising).   Revisit that 'aha' moment post rest where everything makes sense - it was a pretty great feeling.  


Well, why not bring that to your employees/office space. For 1 hour, your employees can have the opportunity to shut off the chatter in their mind (it's essentially the same thing as putting a computer into 'sleep mode') allowing 80% of brain capacity to recharge and start afresh.  You may ask, why not just have them go for a jog or go to the gym?  My response is this: convenience, ease, and meditation.  Couple the on-site convenience with the ease of minimal equipment (not to mention the bearable amount of sweat) your employees' seamlessly transition from yoga to desk in calm, rejuvenated manner.  


But here's the best part - 'savasana' (literal translation: corpse pose)

This is the main difference that sets yoga apart from other exercise  routines.  It's a time to shutdown and meditate.  Some people achieve such deep relaxation, they rise feeling as though they just took a 30 minute power nap!  


If mindful movement, relaxation, and increased productivity interests  you as an employee or employer (and I sincerely hope it does!),  contact here to learn more!






Have a group of like-minded, close friends who want to get together for a class? Or perhaps you're holding an event where you envision a yoga session.  Whatever get-together you have in mind, a private group event could be just what you're looking for!  Form together a group, and we will work together to find a location suitable for everyone!   


Group minimum of 10 persons.  Prices vary pending on location and package.  Contact for more information!  



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