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About: Janice Liou

Your coach mama for developing a service-based wellness business

Having started her own personal brand and online empire from scratch, Janice knows just how challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating it can be to create an online wellness business on your own.  


It's exactly why, in the midst of COVID-19 (August 2020) she started offering online business coaching services to yoga teachers and wellness experts looking to create a sustainable business that doesn't rely on anyone else, but their own skills, knowledge, and drive.

After helping dozens of students grow their social presence and launch their own online businesses, she's refined and developed courses for every part of an aspiring entrepreneur's journey.  


Whether you're just in the seeding stages of needing to build the right community/audience, looking to start or grow your business, ready to scale with passive offerings, or interested in personalized solutions, Janice is here to hold your hand and help you create financial freedom through a personal legacy that impacts!

Coaching Programs + Courses


1:1 Mentorship

A personal and intimate hand-held experience.

Nothing beats a customized roadmap for your entrepreneurial success.


With 1:1 mentorship, you will work intimately with Janice side-by-side to develop and strategize a game plan for your business goals.  


This is our premium coaching option and includes full access to all of the above programs in addition to personal support and is for the go-getter entrepreneur who refuses to let anything get in their way of success.

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